Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by LiksCode (“we”, “our”, or “us”) through all of our desktop (“application”, “applications”) and how we use that information. We never share or sell any of your information with any third parties.


Information We Collect


When you install and use our applications, we do not require that you provide any information and we do not collect any information about you or your device.


Storing Your Information


We do not store any information you choose to share with us any longer than necessary. Any information you choose to share with us regarding a support request will be promptly deleted after the request is completed. However, we will keep a non-personal description of the issue to improve our applications and service.


Deleting Your Information


We respect our user’s right to have their information deleted. Simply send us an email requesting that we delete your information and we will promptly delete it.


You can remove this information by activating Premium Plan

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